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As a Commercial Consultant and Mentor, I often have Clients who are experiencing difficulties in their HR activities, processes, and procedures. When this does happen, I recommend to the Client that they contact my preferred partner, Inspired HR.

George K

I have worked with Nikki since she started her business and I have grown my team as she has grown hers. It has been wonderful to feel the support from somebody that understands first-hand the challenges and journey of being a small business owner. 

Michael M

I’ve worked alongside Nikki and the team at Inspired HR for a number of years and have found them to absolutely live up their company name. Over the years I’ve also seen them grow from a small core team to a larger thriving, highly sought after company.

Morgan S

We are Inspired HR.

Our team specialises in providing a friendly, no nonsense, dedicated, and supportive HR service to SMEs. We also offer a recruitment service and various training courses.

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