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At Inspired HR, we recognise that every recruitment need is different and, for that reason, we offer a choice of services. This allows you to select the right service for your company or organisation.
Our fixed fee recruitment packages have helped companies and organisations to hire talent and reduce their cost per hire. If you are looking to keep recruitment costs down, then our fixed fee recruitment packages have been designed to help you target a wide audience, maximise your budget, and save you time.

We use main UK online recruitment sites to target a wide audience and the sites used will be audience and cost dependent. We then promote the advertisement through social media and our own website, maximising the number of applications that you receive. This enables us to recruit for roles in any sector and in any location in the UK.

We screen CVs as they come in, and we will send updates when there are new candidates for you to review as necessary.

There are three packages to choose from

All prices are +VAT
Through our service, we help companies and organisations to hire the right talent for permanent roles. Whether you have an Entry Level opening or need a key hire for a Specialist or Executive position, we have the expertise to ensure you make the right hiring decision.

As your recruitment partner, we will ensure that we understand your business objectives and develop a thorough understanding of the culture, your specific requirements and build long-term relationships. We adopt a robust interview and assessment procedure to ensure that we only represent the best talent that accurately match your role and requirements.

Unlike recruitment companies we don’t work on percentage fees. We agree on a flat fee from the start, so you know exactly what your recruitment costs will be and also have the HR expertise as well as the Recruitment expertise to give you confidence we will only recommend the right people for your business. To add extra assurance, we provide a replacement guarantee where we would provide a free replacement process should the original candidate leave or be found unsuitable within the first 13 or 26 weeks.

Service upgrades available

Additional CV screening

£50 +VAT (up to 50 CVs screened)

Telephone interviews (package 1)

£30 +VAT per interview (includes interview report)

Face to face or video interview support

£60 +VAT per hour

Job advertised on premium recruitment site

(CV Library, Reed, Total Jobs)

£149 +VAT per advert, per site

Other services and costs available on request

Recruiting for multiple roles

If you would like to recruit for several jobs, you can purchase credits that must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase. These are especially useful if you know that you will be recruiting later in the year.
Package 1
No of jobsTotal costCost per vacancyOverall saving
1£349 +VAT£349 +VAT
2£678 +VAT£339 +VAT£20
3£987 +VAT£329 +VAT£60
4£1276 +VAT£319 +VAT£140
5£1545 +VAT£309 +VAT£200
6+£299 +VAT£300+
Package 2
No of jobsTotal costCost per vacancyOverall saving
1£599 +VAT£599 +VAT
2£1168 +VAT£584 +VAT£30
3£1707 +VAT£569 +VAT£90
4£1276 +VAT£554 +VAT£180
5£2695 +VAT£539 +VAT£300
6+£524 +VAT£450+
Package 3
No of jobsTotal costCost per vacancyOverall saving
1£799 +VAT£799 +VAT
2£1558 +VAT£779 +VAT£40
3£2277 +VAT£759 +VAT£120
4£2956 +VAT£739 +VAT£240
5£3595 +VAT£719 +VAT£400
6+£699 +VAT£600+

Salary dependent fees – executive and specialist search

Unlike other recruitment companies, we don’t work on a salary-based percentage fee. We agree on a flat fee from the start, so you know exactly what your recruitment costs will be.
Salary bandFee
Up to £15,999£1800**
£16,000 - £19,999£2500*
£20,000 - £24,999£3000*
£25,000 - £29,999£3750*
£30,000 - £34,999£4500*
£35,000 - £39,999£5250*
£40,000 - £49,999£6800*
£50,000 - £59,999£8500*
£60,000 - £74,999£10,200*
*An up-front fee may be charged if the role requires a more specialist search and selection recruitment service. This will be agreed prior to requirement.

Up-front fees are deducted from the placement fee amount.

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