Psychological Planning

Understanding what your employees are going through and trying to reduce the stress that they face each day is an all-too-common problem. However, it’s not the employee that is the problem – it’s the workplace along with the environment. Did you know that Workplace stress is a symptom.

With an integrated platform of workplace Health & Wellbeing it enables us to help build a strategy based on an occupational health and safety management system approach, in line with the current UK legislation and the new standard ISO 45003 which was released in June 2021.

We use the best practices of risk management and apply it within the workforce, and then we consult with all employees throughout your organisation, including you!

By using a proven scientific psychological practice, we can leverage a good Health & Well Being process that enables everyone to come back from any setbacks and build a resilient support mechanism around wellbeing.  It has so much rich data to target areas within the workplace and provide assurance against ISO54003 and other codes of practice.

You will see everything across your organisation. Fulfil duty of care responsibilities and support everyone within your business utilising the psychological risk factors.

Each scorecard will help you to identify the Health & Wellbeing impact, frequency, and duration of the psychological and social risks for your business. Enabling you to pinpoint immediate areas for involvement.

On a more positive note, it will also show your employees that you fully promote Health & Wellbeing and encourage employees to embrace their work environment giving them access to a growing library of Health & Wellbeing tools.

Not only will we provide you and your employee with everything online, but you will also have access to everything using our app on the go, giving you content, videos, meditations, surveys, mood tracking at the touch of a button.

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