Our Partners

Our partners together with our voluntary peers, are so important to Inspired HR Ltd. Without them, our team just wouldn’t be the same. Due to their efforts and the Inspired HR Ltd team, we are able to offer you a “one stop shop” covering all of your needs.

Our Partners share the same ethos, and we highly recommend them to all our clients.
They have the same “open and transparent approach” as we do.

Want to know what they can do for you? Just click on their profile! Here you will find more information about the services they offer and their contact details, so that you can call them directly.

Running a business isn’t easy. You need answers on everything. Having someone that you can share knowledge, experience, and ideas with is key to your success.

No worries… Linda and her team have got you covered. Linda has over 30 years’ experience of driving results and leading teams.

Click on their website and get an opportunity to meet up with Linda for a free business review.

Advice 4 Business North East | Business Growth Experts (advice4businessne.com)

Glengyle Ltd, George King is an exceptional Para Legal expert. He uses his experience and expertise to help businesses like ours not only survive, but to thrive. He understands the danger points, more importantly he knows how to help you avoid the pit holes and how to overcome them.

He loves the small print and has a keen eye for streamlining for success.

About – Glengyle Business Consultants (glengyleconsultants.com)

Robson Laidler are the accountants that we have used for many years. They help support 100s of clients just like us. They positively impact people’s lives, guiding and supporting your financial business requirements. They support you every step of the way, with sound solid advice, especially when you want o to become financially independent.  Its mine field out there in the financial world and Robson Laidler help clear the debris so that you can focus on whats important. Your Business!

Get in touch with Robson Laidler today on 0191 281 8191

Accountants & Business Advisors | Newcastle & Durham | Robson Laidler (robson-laidler.co.uk)

Alan Lewis has been a constant friend and colleague of Inspired HR Ltd for many years. They provide Employment Solutions at Work. They are a leading employment law, business immigration and regulatory practice comprised of a number of senior solutions-focussed lawyers.

Please get in touch with Alan Lewis 0203 696 8230

Click on the below link for their website


Smart Cookie Marketing was founded with one main intention; to offer an affordable and forward-thinking marketing solution for small independent businesses. So, if you need support with your social media, email marketing, strategy or analytics then cut through the nonsense speak, the additional service costs and data difficulties, and get in touch Smart Cookie Marketing.

 They grow your business and increase your revenue – simple.

Get in touch with Harriet on 07773 106785 for a free social media review or to discuss your other requirements.