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Why is experience so important?

1 March 2022

There is a huge skills shortage at the moment, and looking for the potential within people and within the current market is an art of reading between the lines of a person’s CV.

In a crowded marketplace and when faced with a mountain of CVs to screen, we have started to pay more attention to people’s experiences and the success of their results. Although there is nothing guaranteed with the results, having a conversation with someone you will hear their passion and excitement for what their future holds for them.

Using your listening skills as a recruiter you can start to embrace all the people that you once might have excluded before. I always remember in my early career at BT, listening to my clients and relaying the information back to my virtual team to get the best for my client and helping the team.

So, what could you be looking for in your next hire that your client hasn’t even thought about?

They are flexible….

Looking at someone new with strong possibilities, they will be flexible to your client’s needs, as they want to learn and grow quickly, especially if it’s a new sector for them.

With most things, it’s never easy to change someone’s mindset, and all too often you will have to spend a little bit of time training and guiding them. But watch the enthusiasm in their eyes. It’s priceless. Plus, when you have someone who’s habits are yet formed, their flexibility can work to your advantage and to the company culture as well.

They will bring innovation

The growth within any business, and we have found this, a fresh pair of eyes with a new way of thinking, helps boost morale.

Someone that might be looking at a new role in a completely different sector/industry will not have faced the stumbling blocks that you might have been dealt, and thus bring the innovation and the positivity that you could well need to deliver the project.

‘There’s always a positive outcome no matter what you are faced with’

Hiring someone within your business that doesn’t come from your sector/industry can be extremely beneficial. The ability for you (and me) to think outside of the box is a skill, and it’s something that we need to use often, if we are to succeed.

You will love the change in you

This is so true, the number of times I have been caught out by missing a person’s CV, and then re-visiting them later, to only take a chance and then see that person’s passion and excitement feed the rest of the team and business.

The culture and the ethics change, everything becomes real, and your business feels different. But In spite of everything, because you’ve given them the opportunity to gain experience, grow and work in an entirely new sector/industry, your recruit will be eager to please and prove that you’ve made the right decision.

Plus, positivity breeds positivity right! By employing someone who shows real passion for their role, you’ll encourage other team members to feel and act the same, which could do wonders for your productivity.

The next generation

When I think about this, it always makes me laugh, when back in the 80s a mobile phone was the size of a brick and weighed a lot more. Now the next generation are looking to us to help create and nurture the team and the business, so it doesn’t stay static, remember moving forward is key.

A strong team should always consist of a variety of professionals and skill sets. Your new candidate is already looking at your business and what you have to offer in the way of leadership training, development, and career progression.

Speaking to a few colleagues recently about our apprenticeships, the true value that hiring a candidate with no experience can bring, is when you sit them down and their eyes light up. It’s all new to them, it’s experience that they are willing to learn and the skills that they could potentially bring to your business, outweighs the risks as far as I’m concerned.

So, are you ready to hire a candidate with no ‘experience’?

Putting to one side the ‘traditional’ way of looking for the candidate for your client; a bit of training, leadership and development will help you to transform the person’s life and bring more to the table for your business.

It goes without saying, there are several advantages, to hiring a candidate with no ‘experience’; and it will always depend on the needs of your client’s business and the role you’re hiring for.

But, with skills shortages continuing to grow across the UK, thinking beyond your traditional ‘perfect person’ might be crucial to your success in 2022 and beyond.

I hope you found this useful, and it gives you some insights into how we challenge the traditional approach.

Jayne Wickett
Operations Director
Inspired HR Group

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