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Leading North East HR Consultancy continues to innovate and bring peace of mind to their clients

5 February 2021

As a company Inspired HR have quickly built a reputation within the North East for delivering a high standard of HR support through their innovative, enthusiastic and no-nonsense approach to HR.

Last year brought many challenges for HR professionals with the constantly changing legal guidance around Covid-19. However, Inspired HR have continued to deliver high standards of service to their clients during this very difficult period, ensuring their clients had one less thing to worry about.

January has been a great start to the year for Inspired HR with them formally being recognised for their high standards nationally as well as employing their own in-house Employment Law Solicitor. Here we find out about this recognition as well as introduce you to their new Senior Employment Law Solicitor – Julie Barry.

Platinum Status Awarded by the HRi

Following a recent accreditation assessment by the HRi, who are the UK body for Independent HR companies, Inspired HR have been recognised for their high standards and become one of the first UK companies to be awarded Platinum Status. So, what does this status mean for Inspired HR clients and what does it assure them of:

  • That Inspired HR are competent, qualified and professional
  • That the company is well run with good financial and risk practices in place
  • That client information and data security are well managed and fully GDPR compliant
  • That the company has established systems to manage case load, projects and client files

Managing Director – Nikki Masterman says she is extremely proud of this recent award as it recognises the high standards the business and the team deliver on every client matter.

Julie Barry joins the team as their first in-house Senior Employment Law Solicitor

With the substantial increase in claims received in 2020 by employment tribunals and an even bigger increase expected in 2021, it is no surprise to know that Inspired HR have considered how they can continue to support their clients with additional and value for money services.

And following changes made by the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) in 2019 it has allowed Inspired HR to now employ their own regulated Solicitor to support their clients.

Julie shares her thoughts about Inspired HR as well an insight into her experience prior to joining the team with us here:

What attracted you to Inspired HR?

“I wanted to join a team that was focussed on providing a high-quality service to their clients, within a company that was already successful and expanding. Client care and quality of service are most important to me when I think about job satisfaction. From the moment I spoke to Nikki, I knew she had the same values and motivations as me. She has developed an innovative business model that is unique and going places within the UK. Everything they do is bespoke to their client’s needs and I knew it was perfect for me. I’m excited to have joined the team.”

What do you bring to the table?

“Over 17 years of legal experience along with a love for Employment Law.”

Tell us about the Inspired HR team?

“They love what they do and are incredibly welcoming – I already feel like I’m part of the Inspired HR family. There is so much talent in the team and I love that they encourage each other to share ideas. Even in my first week my ideas were received with enthusiasm. I feel like I can really contribute to their ongoing growth & success and I plan to be involved in a way that has never been possible for me in previous roles.”

What do you think 2021 will bring for businesses?

“It is going to be tough, especially for SMEs. However, with Inspired HR on their side I just know they are getting the best possible chance at surviving the challenges they will face.”

What does the future hold for you?

“My future is Inspired HR! Our long-term plan is to provide a nationwide service that is way ahead of the competition and I have no doubt we will achieve it.”

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