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Are you an employee, worker, self-employed contractor, or Employer with a work-related issue?

24 February 2021

Our employment law solicitor, Julie Barry, can advise and assist you regarding all aspects of employment law. We can help if you are facing a dispute at work and need advice or help enforcing your employment rights. Or, as an employer, if you have an issue with a member of staff, we can guide and assist you and help you respond to any claims against you in the employment tribunal.

You may be worried about your income, reputation, career, or the emotional impact of an employment issue. Or you may be worried about the legal obligations placed on you as an employer and resolving matters efficiently. In situations like this, it helps to have someone that you can trust on your side, and we will support you every step of the way.

What Can We Help With?

Our Solicitor can help you at any stage of your employment:

Before you start your job.

We can help you negotiate and review your employment contract, as well as advise on restrictive covenants. Or, to draft a legally compliant employment contract.

Disputes while employed

Including disciplinary and grievance issues. Our team can advise on bullying, harassment, discrimination, and family-friendly rights, whether you are an employee or employer.

Issues with leaving

If your employer has unfairly dismissed you, forced you out, or made you redundant, we can help you negotiate a suitable settlement agreement and severance package. If you wish to consider your options on fairly terminating a member of staff, we can help you stay on the right track.

Issues post-termination

Your employment contract and other documents may contain restrictions on your future activity. We can advise on whether these restrictions are enforceable or assist you if a breach of contract claim is made in the Employment Tribunal.

Who Can We Help?

We regularly help businesses across a range of industry sectors, and we are now offering legal services to individuals. Our team of consultants or Solicitor can help you if you are a:

  • Employee, worker, or self-employed contractor
  • Employer
  • Senior executive
  • Director
  • Partner
  • Board member
  • Professionally regulated individual such as a solicitor
  • Teacher
  • Doctor or healthcare professional

Why Choose Our Employment Solicitor?

Our Solicitor and team of HR professionals have many years of experience within HR and employment law. We offer practical, commercial advice that is far more than just a narrow legal view. Where an employment relationship or contract is ongoing, we understand it is important to deal with matters and/or negotiate with sensitivity, so that both parties have a satisfactory outcome without damaging the relationship.

So, whether you just want a second opinion on your employment contract, or representation in a complex dispute, we are ready to support you.

Contact Us if you need advice on any aspect of employment law and/or HR issues, our Solicitor and HR professionals can help. Call us on 0191 205 8020 or via email.

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