We are looking for an expert start-up consultant to provide short-term advice, guidance, management, and implementation for key initiatives in our company.

In this role, you will work with the owner to develop the start-up program, work with the business development manager to promote it and be able to sign ones onto the courses.

To ensure success as a start-up consultant, you should be experienced in the start-up space and have considerable knowledge of your field and the problems faced by young companies.

Start-up Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Consulting with key individuals within the business about operations and strategy.
  • Investigating business operations, collecting data
  • Discussing findings, proposals, and recommendations
  • Developing plans, roadmaps, and goals that address key deficiencies and opportunities for the start-up.
  • Providing insights and analyses when problems within the business arise.
  • Adjusting strategies, plans, and goals based on market factors, business capacities, and operational constraints.
  • Navigating the business through the start-up space, while enhancing specific competencies and development phases.
  • Making further recommendations regarding business operations and processes when required.


Start-up Consultant:

  • Ideally a graduate degree in business administration, finance, marketing, management, or a related field.
  • Excellent analytical and strategic abilities.
  • Proficient in problem identification and business process analysis.
  • A sound understanding of UK company law/HMRC requirements.
  • The ability to drive organisational change effectively.
  • Strong market research skills.
  • Highly organized and efficient.
  • The ability to network and communicate ideas to others.
  • Adaptable and dependable.

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