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Welcome to our Health & Wellbeing services. Employee Wellbeing is a HR issue, without it long-term issues can develop in the workplace, which ultimately undermines the culture and values of an organisation.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a HR Manager, Occupational Health & Safety, a General Manager or even a Managing Director there’s no escaping the fact that mental health is key in managing the health, productivity, and profitability of your organisation.

Over the last 18months Inspired HR has dealt with so many Health & Wellbeing issues – the pandemic has been a force of nature in so many ways. Some that no-one saw being at the forefront of our everyday lives.

There are many factors that can affect employee Health & Wellbeing, and some of these may be personal factors that are out of the employers’ controls.
However, on the other hand there are many factors that are within the employer’s control, mostly around job roles, job satisfaction, how people are treated and how people conduct themselves within a work environment.

Health & Wellbeing is something that all businesses and organisations can take practical steps to improve along with the help and support from Inspired HR.
Health & Wellbeing effects everyone in the workplace, across all levels of the work force. It’s then it becomes a structural issue, which affects the culture and vision of the company. This can have the ripple affect throughout the entire workforce.

Inspired HR can help you support all your employers by developing psychological platform and framework that is aligned to the new global standard ISO45003 and providing the MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) training course.

We will work with you to create a safe working environment for everyone. Taking a preventative and risk-based approach ensures that you meet your legal obligations as an employer. You will be able to identify and reduce the sources of work-related stress so that your employees can flourish in a positive work environment.

How we work with you…

We get to know your business.

One of our consultants will visit your premises; to understand your business challenges and needs. We will ensure that you have the best person to help keep you heading in the right direction.

We get you back on track.

We will get you up to date with the latest legislation by reviewing or creating all your essential contracts, handbooks, systems, and policies, ensuring your become and remain compliant.

We are here for you 24/7.

Whether you need expert advice, help during a crisis or a friendly ear, our advisors are here for you 24/7.

Let us take the stress away for you.

Health & Safety is vital for the wellbeing of your workforce, customers, and visitors, but as a business owner or manager, it can feel like a minefield.

Our recommended consultants will take the confusion out of Health & Safety compliance; provide you everything you need and/or give you the tools to create your risk assessments; boost your business credentials; keep you up to date on the latest legislation and in addition, you can call us for advice at any time. Knowing you have access to someone who understands your business can help solve your problems and give you added reassurance.

Passionate about personal service.

Our preferred partner of choice are not just knowledgeable, they care. You will benefit from a dedicated local consultant who will get to know you and your business. But you will also have the confidence that they are fully supported by a large, highly qualified team. There will always be someone there for you. Friendly, straight-talking and on your side. Your success is our success.