Breathe HR Management System

What is Breathe HR?

Breathe have developed comprehensive HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that is GDPR compliant and keeps data secure.

Their award-winning tools put you in control of all HR functions while re-centering your people at the heart of your business. It is the perfect solution for keeping on top of your day-to-day HR tasks, centralising data, and maximising employee engagement.

Breathe HR Management System will help to:

Store shared and private documents securely.

Manage holiday requests.

Record and access employee information.

Manage sickness and absence.

Connect and communicate with employees across the business.

Employees can use the system to view and amend their personal details, which are only available to themselves and their assigned management. These details include contact information, payment details, holiday requests, sickness records and any assigned tasks.

Additionally, the Breathe system can hold shared files and company information, including:

Staff directory, including job titles and contact details.

A public calendar for project deadlines, holidays, and anniversaries.

Company objectives and progress markers.

Organisational charts.

Documents such as employee handbooks and policies.

Breathe HR software also helps you get organised by allowing you to: upload and update records fast; automatically generate email reminders to keep you on track; easily track and manage employee expenses; use streamlined reports and simplify payroll administration.